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The Tangled Web

Unraveling the past comes at a price…

Supporting her brother between his spells in prison costs Amanda Clifford more than money. She loses friends and always has to move. But he’s the only family she’s ever known.

Until, that is, she’s told that a great aunt has left her a cottage. The only catch: her brother isn’t allowed to live there with her. Can she really leave him?

When she befriends the cottage’s current occupier, her hopes grow. This is a place where she could be happy. And perhaps there is more family in the area. One thing is for certain: she wouldn’t mind spending more time with Rhys Falconbridge, the elusive and handsome nephew of her tenant…

A wonderful standalone novel set in 1954, from the much loved Grace Thompson, The Tangled Web is must for fans of Kitty Neale, Lyn Andrews or Ellie Dean.

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