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The Witches' Kitchen

Corban becomes entangled in a bitter war for the throne in this Viking historical adventure

Corban Loosestrife, his family slain by Viking raiders, has saved his twin sister Mav from the clutches of her Viking abductors, and wrought bloody revenge on Eric Bloodaxe, the King of Jorvik.

After fleeing with his family from the war of succession to Vinland, he feels they have finally earned some peace. But then a ship appears on the horizon, bringing Corban a summons to Jorvik and the murderous intrigues of those who would be king.
Corban, his son, Conn, and his sister-son, Raef – young men ready to prove themselves in battle – must return into this nest of vipers and navigate the deadly political war for the ultimate prize: the Viking throne…
The Witches’ Kitchen is second in the epic Life and Times of Corban Loosestrife series, perfect for fans of James L. Nelson, Ben Kane and Adrian Goldsworthy.
‘Evil sorcery, ruthless kings, fierce pirates, kidnapped heroines, sweet romance and everyday heroes, set against the brutal backdrop of Norse life in feudal times’ Publishers Weekly
‘Holland interweaves elements of romance, magic, and suspense into a superlative historical epic featuring a stoic hero often at odds with the all-powerful Viking warriors’ Booklist
‘Holland fleshes out a lively account of the time of Eric Bloodaxe. Recommended’ Library Journal

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