Tomorrow, Jerusalem

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ISBN: 9781788633550

England, 1906: A country divided, in turmoil, teetering on the brink of a social revolution...

Living hand to mouth in London’s teeming docklands, Sally Smith knows very little of the working-man’s fight for a living wage, even less of women’s battle for the vote, and nothing of Europe’s relentless march towards war.

Yet these events will affect her as profoundly as she is to affect those close to her: Toby, the urchin she rescues from starvation; Philippa Van Damme, who shows her a world she had never dreamed of; and the Patten family, stimulating and eccentric, whose orphanage becomes her first real home, and whose social revolution she will find herself reluctantly involved in...

From the squalor of the East End slums to the devastation of the Flanders Fields, Tomorrow, Jerusalem is a stirring evocation of a lost generation, and the passionate tale of one woman’s fight against all odds. Perfect for fans of Santa Montefiore, Lucinda Riley and Kate Morton.

The Rachel Patten Dramas

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