The Torch Bearers

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781911591573

The trap is laid. Now, Nick Everard must wait for the U-boats to arrive…

Autumn 1942: Sir Nicholas Everard, Captain of HMS Harbinger, has a convoy to escort: big and slow, with just one destroyer, two corvettes and a few trawlers to protect it. This will not be an easy mission.

Meanwhile, U-boat pack commander Max Looff can hardly believe his luck. His nerve is going and he knows it: but now he has a one-in-a-million chance to annihilate an entire convoy…

Little does Looff know, however, that Everard and his ships are bait: designed to distract the Germans from the real ‘Torch’ invasion forces. The game is on.

For readers of Alexander Kent, Julian Stockwin and C S Forester, this is a thrilling tale of gallantry and determination in the face of enormous danger.

The Nicholas Everard Naval Thrillers

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