Torrance: Escape from Singapore

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Ebook ISBN: 9781788636759

Out of the jungle… and into the fire.

1942. Trapped on Singapore with the Japanese pouring in from all sides, things look bleak for Charlie Torrance. The Allies are losing, and even if he survives this brutal week, chances are he will end up in a POW camp.

But Torrance is up to his old tricks - pulling scams, dodging bullets and making the most of life on the edge. Until his luck runs out, and he is thrown into a hopeless extraction mission, certain to fail, rescuing a British operative in possession of classified information.

Back with Rossi, his Australians pals and a Glaswegian hard-case called Smiler, it’s a dog eat dog world. In the end, the trick to this insane war is simple: kill, escape or die trying.

An explosive and searing novel of World War Two, Torrance: Escape from Singapore is an unforgettable journey, perfect for fans of Jack Higgins, Alistair MacLean and Max Hennessy.

Jungle War

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