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Turncoat's Drum

England is in turmoil and rivalries turn deadly in this thrilling historical adventure of the Civil War.

It is 1643 and the struggle between Parliament and the King erupts in the West Country, tearing families apart and setting village against village. But for some, this fight is not only about crown and country: it is far more personal. Royalist soldier Hugo Telling wishes Parliamentarian William Sparrow dead, at any cost. This rivalry will take them across battlefields the breadth of England. As the world falls apart they will stop at nothing for honour and the cause…This action-packed historical adventure, the first in The Shadow on the Crown series, is perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell.

Praise for Nicholas Carter

‘Paints a vivid and accurate picture of seventeenth-century battle’ Richard Holmes, author of Firing Line

‘Quite simply the best description of men in battle I have ever come across’ John Lee, British Commission for Military History

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