Twenty Years Later

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800327733

Two decades after an event that shook the world, a chilling cold case murder is about to make the headlines all over again

DNA from a tiny bone fragment has allowed the New York medical examiner’s office to make its first successful identification of a 9/11 victim in years. Victoria Ford had been accused of the brutal killing of her married lover at the time of her death. In a chilling final phone call from the North Tower, Victoria begged her sister to prove her innocence.

Rising star of daytime TV Avery Mason knows this story is gold, and heads to the city to get the scoop. But as she digs into the events of twenty years ago, she learns that the twisted puzzle of Victoria’s life belies a deeply sinister tale. Meanwhile, Avery’s own past – one she has kept secret from both her employers and her audience – looks set to be revealed. She may get the exclusive of a lifetime, but for both Victoria and Avery the shocking details of the things they did years ago refuse to stay dead and buried...

An explosive and compulsively readable crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages late into the night. Perfect for fans of Mary Kubica, Riley Sager and Rick Mofina.