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'A remarkable suspense debut... exciting and unsettling.' A.J. Finn, author of The Woman in the Window

He won’t rest until he finds out the truth…

Cal Lovett is obsessed with finding justice for the families of missing people. His true crime podcast is his way of helping others, even if he can’t help himself.

His sister, Margot, disappeared when he was a child. Only one man seems to know something. But he’s behind bars and can’t be trusted.

So when the family of a missing Scottish woman begs for his help, he heads to Aberdeenshire in search of the truth.

Does Cal have what it takes to unearth the secrets hiding in the hills? And what if he finds something that leads him back to the heart of his own family’s past?

A gripping crime thriller by a brilliant debut novelist, perfect for fans of Jane Casey, Fiona Barton and Loreth Anne White.

Praise for Unsolved

'An assured and compelling debut. Elegant, reflective cold case mystery with a thriller's pace, beautifully written to boot.' Dominic Nolan, author of Vine Street

'Gripping and taut, Heather Critchlow’s prose is as beautiful as it is exciting... A confident debut.' Sam Holland, author of The Echo Man

'A gripping, chiller of a debut. Beautifully written, it delivers a darkly twisted tale with a touch of grace.' Rachael Blok, author of The Fall

'I loved Unsolved. It is both compelling and assured with a wonderful sense of time and place. The whole thing sang to me.' James Delargy, author of Vanished

'This exceptional debut is as bleak and beautiful as its Scottish landscape. A nimble plot showcases Critchlow’s keen observation of human nature and the dark motivations of ordinary people... it got right under my skin!' Jo Furniss, author of All the Little Children

'Whip-smart and razor-sharp, Heather Critchlow’s debut Unsolved had me turning the pages into the small hours.' Alison Belsham, author of Death in Helmand

'An enviably assured debut... All the nuance of a Booker winner, all the pace of a bestselling thriller, this spectacular mystery will keep you reading long after you should have turned out the light.' Kate Simants, author of Freeze

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