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'Finch has written a blood-soaked historical epic to rank with the best' Anthony Riches, author of Storm of War

The throne of England is under threat, but one lad’s battle is much closer to home.

Storm clouds gathering at England’s shores…

Autumn, 1066. Saxon England, a realm at peace for fifty years, unknowingly enjoys its last peaceful harvest. For a Viking horde, led by the dreaded Harald Hardraada, circles off the north-eastern coast, while William of Normandy, a wolf in human guise, waits in the south, greedily sizing up the wealthy kingdom.

…will change a young man’s future…

Seventeen-year-old Cerdic, as second in line to the earldom of Ripon in northern England, is being trained for a future in the Church. But croziers and catechism do not fire Cerdic’s soul. He longs instead to be a warrior, like his brother Unferth, and ride to battle in defence of his lands.

…and unseat his whole world

But as the invasion fleets sail, Cerdic finds himself caught in a maelstrom that will utterly reshape the life he used to know. A catastrophic war is coming to England, and Cerdic’s wish for battle looks set to come true…

Sunday Times bestselling author Paul Finch’s first historical novel is an edge-of-your-seat coming-of-age adventure in early medieval England, perfect for fans of David Gilman and Bernard Cornwell.

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'A born storyteller' Peter James

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