Valley Affairs

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Ebook ISBN: 9781911420187
Print ISBN: 9781788635677

A touching story of village life in the heart of Wales

Nelly Luke is a Cockney born and bred, but after thirteen years in Hen Carw Parc, Dirty Nelly and her eccentric ways are as much part of village life as its most senior citizen, old Grandad Owen. But not even Nelly, with her shrewd eye on village goings-on, can predict the surprises in store for her family and friends as the year 1954 opens in the tranquil Welsh valley.

For the new year brings new faces: handsome Maurice Davies is just back from five years in the army and Sheila Powell, a Llangwyn shop-girl, is eager to help him make up for lost time. But for some there’s no escaping the past, and newly widowed Prue Beynon finds herself confronted by a legacy she’d rather forget. For youngsters like Nelly’s grandson Ollie even the quiet rural valley holds the promise of new adventures – and unexpected dangers.

Through the turn of the seasons, through fair weather and foul, Nelly Luke watches over the valley’s affairs with a wry chuckle – and of course a helping hand when it’s due…

The second of Grace Thompson’s acclaimed Valley sagas, Valley Affairs is a warm-hearted, nostalgic novel sure to draw you into the life of this charming Welsh village.

The Valley Sagas

  1. A Welcome in the Valley
  2. Valley Affairs
  3. The Changing Valley
  4. Valley in Bloom