Victory for the Ops Room Girls

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800322042
Print ISBN: 9781800322059

The final instalment in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force series is here…

With Jess newly promoted to Filterer Officer at RAF Fighter Command HQ, she is delighted to be reunited with Evie and May. However, now that they can enjoy socialising in London, Jess fears her friends will discover the secret she keeps here.

When Jess bumps into Milan unexpectedly, sparks are reignited and she wonders if she made a mistake finishing with him in Amberton. But matters are complicated when a film company arrives at Bentley Priory to make a morale-boosting film about the RAF. The lead actor is none other than Leonard Steele, a man from Jess’s past who could ruin everything she has worked so hard to build…

Jess is about to fight her biggest battle just as the war nears its end. As her past and present collide, will she find the strength to fight for her future?

A gripping and emotional wartime saga ideal for fans of Daisy Styles, Kate Thompson and Rosie Clarke.

The Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

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