The Water Devil

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Ebook ISBN: 9781788633154

The final adventure in the beloved and bestselling historical medieval Margaret of Ashbury Trilogy

Margaret of Ashbury is ready to settle down to a quiet life in the country with her true love and rambunctious brood of children; but life has other plans for the medieval healer. Her husband Gregory’s ever-meddling family will not leave them alone. Finding himself deep in debt once again, her father-in-law has plotted to sell Margaret’s daughter off in marriage.

In a panic, Margaret turns to her old friend Brother Malachi to help save her daughter by whatever means necessary. But the tension within the feuding family rouses an ancient being that has its eye on Margaret’s infant son…

Written with historical accuracy, supernatural plot twists, and the humour that Riley’s readers have grown to love, The Water Devil, last in the Margaret of Ashbury Trilogy, is a high-spirited adventure perfect for fans of Beth Underdown and Phillipa Gregory.

The Margaret of Ashbury Trilogy

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