What You Don’t See

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Ebook ISBN: 9781800323612

Cass Raines knows the streets of Chicago all too well as a cop turned private investigator. A new case gives a glimpse into how the other half lives – and how they die…

Wealth. Power. Celebrity. Vonda Allen’s glossy magazine has taken the Windy City by storm, and she’s well on her way to building a one-woman media empire. Everybody adores her. Except the people who work for her. And the person who’s sending her flowers with death threats.

Vonda has employed off-duty cop Ben Mickerson as her bodyguard and when he needs some back-up no one fits the bill better than his ex-partner on the police force, Cass Raines. Cass is reluctant to take the job – she isn’t keen on playing babysitter to a celebrity – but agrees to as a favour to Ben.

When two of Vonda’s staff turn up dead, Ben and Cass must find the unknown assailant before someone else dies. Then Ben is taken out of action, Cass is left to find out what secrets Vonda is keeping, and who wants her dead. A task made even harder by enemies in the Chicago Police Department determined to stop Cass…

An explosive third novel from thrilling crime novelist, which fans of Ian K. Smith, Sue Grafton and the Cormoran Strike novels will love.

A Cass Raines Mystery

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