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Winter Hawk

A trapped double-agent, an impending world war and a race to space… Winter Hawk is Craig Thomas at the height of his powers.

With the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty set to be ratified by the US and the USSR in Geneva, it seems that international relations have finally stabilised.

But when a double agent reveals that the Soviets are preparing to launch a series of laser weapons into space, the West is suddenly defenceless and vulnerable.

A panic-stricken US President puts pilot Mitchell Gant at the head of a mission, code-named “Winter Hawk”. The operation is clear: a covert dash in and out of the Soviet Union to retrieve the double agent before the weapons can be launched. But with the clock ticking and the Russian “Hinds” on his tail, Gant’s voyage across the snowy Russian border is far from simple…

Set against a background of Cold War tension and nuclear threat, Winter Hawk is another icy Craig Thomas thriller, perfect for fans of Desmond Bagley and Frederick Forsyth.

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