The Witch of Babylon

Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781788634229

A horde of riches, a dangerous, ancient mystery and a deadly witch’s curse…

John Madison was raised by his older brother Samuel, a famed Mesopotamian scholar.  John’s world changes forever when Samuel’s relentless obsession with the recovery of a priceless relic looted from Iraq’s National Museum collides with a deadly game of revenge staged by a childhood friend.

Aided by Tomas, an archaeologist, and Ari, an Iraqi photojournalist – men who have secrets of their own – his quest brings him to Iraq in search of a treasure trove of unparalleled value. To find it, John must discover the link between an ancient witch and a modern-day one, and tread a path fraught with life-threatening danger.

First in the thrilling Mesopotamian trilogy, The Witch of Babylon is perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Raymond Khoury and Scott Mariani

The Mesopotamian Trilogy

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