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Without Trace

‘…and if there had been only one survivor, there would have been no mystery in any of these cases…’

Bestselling author John Harris freshly investigates seven of the most gripping and intriguing voyages of the past 150 years. Bringing his unique skills as a novelist and sailor to reassess the fragmentary evidence, he aims to finally answer these enduring and terrifying mysteries.

He takes us:

  • Aboard Erebus and Terror on Sir John Franklin’s disastrous Arctic expedition, last seen parting from their escort…
  • Aboard the Mary Celeste, crewed by a well-respected captain and an experienced crew, abandoned in the mid-Atlantic…
  • Aboard the battleship Maine, blown sky-high in Havana harbour…
  • Aboard the collier Cyclops, disappeared between Barbados and Virginia during the First World War…
  • Aboard the Teignmouth Electron, winner-apparent of the round the world yacht race, sighted deserted and drifting…

This is life at sea at its most epic and frightening.

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