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They tried to kill him once. Now they’re back to try again…

Richard Gardiner was once a wartime British Agent, tortured and left for dead by the Gestapo in Paris. He escaped with the help of the French Resistance, but was betrayed one final time. Somehow he survived one final attempt on his life: a hit-and-run assassination to guarantee his silence.

The end of the Second World War is now decades past, and Richard is a successful country lawyer. He is safe from the betrayal and the torture that he experienced – or so he thinks.

Returning to France for a holiday nineteen years later, he is confronted by his past in the form of a hotel waiter. Richard has seen the man’s face before – it is not one he could forget. It is the face of the man he last saw in 1944 behind the windscreen of the car chasing him down. And now he is chasing him down once more…

Thomas’ Wolfsbane is a gripping story of betrayal and revenge, perfect for fans of Tom Clancy and Jack Higgins.

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ISBN: 9781804363812

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