Brand new from canelo October 2018

Brand new from Canelo

Canelo Digital Publishing Limited is delighted to announce a number of exciting new authors and books that we have recently acquired.

Rob Aspinall

Crisis Point is the first book in a pulse-raising new espionage thriller series following Sam Driver, a CIA operative that has been captured, betrayed and disavowed by her own country. This high-octane spy story is perfect for fans of Lee Child.

Rob Aspinall said: ‘I’m delighted to have signed for such a fast-growing, forward-thinking publisher as Canelo. It feels great to be joining an exciting list of high-calibre authors and I can’t wait to start work with the Canelo team. I’m sure we’ll create a thrilling series of books together that readers will love.’

Crisis Point will be available in March 2019 with a second book to follow in August 2019. You can find Rob on Twitter @robaspinall

Georgina Clarke

Clarke’s fantastic debut – Death and the Harlot – is a gripping 18th century mystery full of unexpected twists starring the powerhouse prostitute turned detective, Lizzie Hardwicke.

Georgina Clarke said: ‘I am delighted to know that my first two novels are going to be published by Canelo. Their energy and commitment to their authors is impressive, and I’m really looking forward to working with the team. The middle years of the eighteenth century have always fascinated me and excited my imagination. I have enjoyed researching for the books almost as much as writing them. It is something of a dream come true to know that, thanks to Canelo, I’ll soon be launching my characters into the world. I hope that readers will love them as much as I do.’

Death and the Harlot will be available in May 2019 with the sequel to follow in August 2019. You can find Georgina on Twitter @clarkegeorgina1

Clare Flynn

In Clare’s Canelo debut, Elizabeth Morton and Michael Winterbourne suffer terrible personal tragedy that propels them on an ocean voyage that will forever change their lives. Emotional and complex, A Greater World is perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs.

Clare Flynn said: ‘I am excited about working with Canelo and look forward to this next stage in my publishing journey, having successfully self-published eight novels. It will be fascinating to see what Canelo will bring to me and my readers. So far I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm and support of the Canelo team and am eager to start work with Laura McCallen. Canelo have not been around for long but have already made a big impact and seem to be full of ideas. They also have a fabulous (and growing) stable of authors. I know it will be fun!’

Canelo will reissue Flynn’s 1920s Australian-set saga, A Greater World in January 2019 with a new novel to follow in June 2019. You can find Clare on Twitter @clarefly

Merryn Allingham

Set in Constantinople in the early years of the 20th century, A Tale of Two Sisters - Merryn Allingham's Canelo debut - is an emotional story of loss, love and mystery in a far away land perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Rachel Hore.

Merryn Allingham said: 'I’ve been traditionally published for some years, but this is the first time I’ve worked with a digital only publisher, so for me it’s completely new territory. Since I signed my contract, I’ve been in constant touch with the Canelo team and found them friendly and approachable - and efficient, too! Every query I’ve raised has been answered swiftly, and I’ve gained a good deal of helpful advice along the way. Overall, it’s been a very good experience and I’m delighted I found Canelo when I did.'

A Tale of Two Sisters will publish in March 2019 and The Venice Atonement - the first in a dazzling new 20th century mystery series - will publish in July 2019. You can find Merryn on Twitter @MerrynWrites