Angus Donald

Canelo goes berserk for new Viking series by Angus Donald

Commissioning editor Craig Lye has acquired World English Language rights to a new historical fiction Viking series by Angus Donald from Ian Drury at Shiel Land Associates in a 3-book deal. 

The Fire Born series will start with The Last Berserker, which follows the adventures of Bjarki and Tor, two Vikings who travel into Saxony in AD 771 to join the mystical Fyr Skola: the place, deep in the forests, where Viking berserkers were trained. Meanwhile, newly crowned Frankish King Karolus, known to us as Charlemagne, has vowed to force the conversion of all pagans bordering his lands, and prepares to invade Saxony. Bjarki and Tor soon find themselves caught up in a battle for the very soul of the North.

Angus Donald is the author of the bestselling Outlaw Chronicles, a series of novels set in the 12th/13th centuries and featuring a gangster-ish Robin Hood. Angus has also published the Holcroft Blood trilogy about a mildly autistic 17th-century English artillery officer, son of notorious Crown Jewels thief Colonel Thomas Blood. He lives in Kent.

Craig Lye says: ‘I am thrilled to be working with Angus, a stalwart of the UK’s historical fiction scene. His Viking novel opens up the world of the berserkers, revealing far more than I ever realised about their unique culture and training. I read the novel in a single sitting. You won’t see berserkers in the same way ever again.’

Angus Donald says: ‘I am absolutely delighted to be working with Canelo on this new Viking series. They understand and appreciate the kind of action-driven historical fiction that I write, and I had a wonderful sense of home-coming when I joined their impressive stable of authors. Craig Lye is a talented editor, historically knowledgeable, with a finely tuned ear for plot and the rhythms of language. Between us, I believe we can deliver to readers a truly extraordinary new historical adventure series.’

The Last Berserker will be published in February 2021, in a simultaneous digital and MMP release, with further novels to follow. For more information please contact