Jason Dean acquisition

Canelo has acquired three pulse-pounding thrillers by Jason Dean

Kit Nevile, assistant editor, has acquired World English Language rights to a new thriller series by Jason Dean from Camilla Bolton at Darley Anderson in a three-book deal.

The trilogy will follow Korso, a covert salvage operative, who specialises in tracking down and recovering lost or stolen artefacts and items for shady clients unable to operate through normal channels. His ordered and shadowy existence is shattered when he is cornered by the one man he hoped never to see again, and tasked with recovering the mysterious Tiger’s Tears.

Jason Dean spent much of his professional life as a graphic designer before deciding what he really wanted to do was write the kind of international thrillers he’s always loved reading. So for the next twelve months Jason spent his days working at his regular job, and his evenings and weekends plotting and writing his first novel. The James Bishop series was the result. Jason lives in the Far East with his wife and their dog, and is currently working on the next book in the Korso series.

Kit Nevile says: ‘I have wanted to work with Jason ever since reading The Wrong Man. His writing combines scintillating action and set pieces with ingenious plot devices that will have you immediately hooked. In Korso he has created a fascinating protagonist, razor sharp, cool, collected and with a mysterious past that will unravel as the series progresses. I can’t wait to see Tracer published, and I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome Jason to Canelo.’

Jason Dean says: ‘I’m tremendously excited to be working alongside the great folks at Canelo Digital Publishing as we prepare to get Tracer, the first in my new series of fast-paced, globetrotting thrillers, out into the marketplace and into readers’ hands.

‘As we clearly share the same passion for quality high-concept commercial fiction, I couldn’t be happier to count myself as part of Canelo’s growing list of authors, and I look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration with my new publisher.’

Camilla Bolton says: ‘Jason is an amazing commercial talent and we are so excited about this new series with Canelo. These thrillers, starting with the brilliant Tracer, are incredible escapist fiction at their best so be prepared to be gripped and taken all over the world on Korso’s missions.’

Tracer will be published in June 2021 in MMP and ebook. For more information please contact publicity@canelo.co