Geraint Jones

Canelo joins the legions with new Roman trilogy from Geraint Jones

Craig Lye, commissioning editor, has acquired World English language rights to a new Roman historical fiction series by Geraint Jones from Rowan Lawton at the Soho Agency in a three-book deal. 

The trilogy (Legion, Traitor and Rebel) will be a prequel series to Geraint’s successful novels published by Michael Joseph, Ambush (originally Blood Forest) and Siege. They follow Roman legionary Corvus as he fights with the Eighth Legion during the Great Illyrian Revolt in AD 6, when 250,000 native soldiers rose up against an imperial garrison of only a few thousand men to reclaim their land from Rome. Corvus, a native to the region himself, must decide whether his loyalties lie with his soldier brothers in the legion, or his fellow countrymen.

Geraint Jones is a New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling writer. He served in the British Army as an infantry soldier, seeing combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, then worked as a mercenary to protect shipping from Somalian pirates. Geraint traded his gun for a pen in 2016, and now writes from his home in Wales.

Craig Lye says: ‘I have been a huge fan of Geraint’s writing since Blood Forest came out in 2017. A supremely talented author, his experiences of combat bring a unique authenticity to his battle fiction, giving the reader the closest insight yet into what life may have been like for a frontline Roman soldier. I am delighted to welcome him to Canelo.’

Geraint Jones says: ‘I’m extremely excited about joining forces with Canelo. It’s a perfect home for my historical fiction, and I look forward to the challenge of writing several books a year with Craig and the team. I’ve always been a lover of the genre, and fascinated by military history, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this partnership will lead us!’

Legion will be published in May 2021 in MMP and ebook, with Traitor following in July 21 (ebook) and September 21 (MMP) and Rebel in September 21 (ebook) and Jan 2022 (print) . For more information please contact