Maisie Mosco acquisition

Canelo to publish Maisie Mosco bestsellers.

Canelo have announced that they will soon publish eight novels from the historical novelist Maisie Mosco. The novels form two series, both originally published in the eighties, which went on to become hugely popular.

Almonds and Raisins, Scattered Seed, Children's Children, Out of the Ashes and New Beginnings, by Maisie Mosco

In the Almonds and Raisins series the author took inspiration from her own family’s experience and wrote five books in a multigenerational family saga that tell of how the Sandberg family fled persecution in Russia and settled in a burgeoning Jewish community in Manchester. The first novel opens in 1905 with the fifth and final book in the series ending in almost a century later. Following the success of those novels, Maisie Mosco wrote a trilogy of books featuring heroine Alison Plantaine and charting her family’s fortunes over the years as they seek fame and fortune in the world of theatre.

Between the Worlds, A Sense of Place and The Price of Fame, the three books in the Alison Plantaine Series

Maisie Mosco was born Maisie Gottlieb. Her parents were of Latvian Jewish and Viennese Jewish descent, and both emigrated to England around 1900. After the end of the Second World War, Maisie edited the Jewish Gazette, and subsequently wrote radio plays for the BBC. She wrote sixteen novels between 1979 and 1998. Maisie Mosco died in 2011.

The Almonds and Raisins series and Alison Plantaine sagas will be published by Canelo in March 2020 in ebook. For more information please contact