Darcie Boleyn

Canelo sign a new standalone novel and trilogy from bestselling romance author Darcie Boleyn

Digital publisher Canelo have signed a four-book deal with Amanda Preston at LBA literary agency for World English Language rights to a standalone novel and a trilogy from bestselling romance author Darcie Boleyn.

Since Canelo first published Darcie Boleyn’s novel A Very Merry Manhattan Christmas she has gone on to become a key author on the publisher’s list, building a committed fanbase with her Conwenna Cove Cornish-set novels, the final book of which has just been published. Boleyn has received accolades from peers and readers alike for her heartwarming, humourous and beautifully romantic novels.

To date, Darcie Boleyn’s novels have sold more than 70,000 copies and achieved bestseller status and top 100 chart positions via retailers including Amazon Kindle. Canelo will publish Love at the Northern Lights in autumn 2018 with the new trilogy to be launched in 2019.

Editorial Director Louise Cullen said: Darcie is a key author for Canelo, not only because of her outstanding sales success but because she represents the best of contemporary women’s fiction. Time and again, Darcie delivers novels that lift the heart and allow readers to escape to a beautiful location. We’re thrilled to have a deal for more books via LBA. Darcie Boleyn said. I am delighted to sign another contract with fabulous publisher Canelo. I thoroughly enjoy working with the Canelo team and look forward to collaborating with them on four new books.

For more information please contact Ellie via ellie@canelo.co.