Furry Faces of Canelo

Furry Faces of Canelo

There's nothing we love more at Canelo than adorable creatures and brilliant books. Today we're putting them together to showcase some of our authors and their gorgeous pets.

A.L. Michael, author of The Martini Club series

Name: Phoebe 

Age: About five years old, but as a rescue, we're not entirely sure.

Breed: She's a long haired black cat and if she hadn't already been given a name, we would have called her Toothless!

Fun Fact: Phoebe was rescued from a feral cat colony, but remained the only cat who hadn't turned feral – in fact, she'd ensured all the other cats brought her food and pretty much reigned over them as their queen. Seems to be a role she's very comfortable with. She enjoys shadows and sitting on important paperwork.

Darcie Boleyn, author of the Conwenna Cove series and Love at the Northern Lights

Name: Spike

Age: Five years old

Breed: British Bulldog

Fun fact: His nickname is Big Sexy – because he's big and he's sexy.

Name: Freya

Age: Six years old

Breed: Greyhound

Fun fact: Despite lying upside-down on a sofa for 23 hours a day, she won a beauty contest at a festival.

Name: Zelda

Age: One year old

Breed: British Bulldog

Fun fact: Her nickname is Peanut because she kind of looks like one and she loves peanut butter.

Samantha Tonge, author of Forgive Me Not

Name: Mitzie 

Age: Six years old 

Breed: A long-haired tortoiseshell

Fun fact: We seriously think Mitzie believes she is a dog as she shadows us all for attention, begs to play and waits loyally at the end of the drive each morning until I return from my cycle ride.

T.A. Williams, author of Dreaming of Florence, Dreaming of St Tropez and Dreaming of Christmas

Name: Merlin

Breed: Black Labrador

Story: I put a black Labrador in all my books. This is a homage to poor dear departed Merlin who was the most wonderful dog in the whole world (that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it). We got him at age one after he had been awfull abused and starved. The vet told us he might just about reach five or six if we were lucky. He finally went to the big kennel in the sky at age thirteen. Not too bad, after all.

Fun Fact: We had a dog flap in the back door (big enough for a Lab but I, too, climbed through it on one occasion after forgetting my keys). Shortly after we got him, there was a loud bang one day. We found that Merlin had nicked a baguette from the worktop and headed out to the garden to devour the spoils. He was standing at the dog flap looking dazed, a third of a baguette in his mouth and a third on the floor on either side. The expression on his face was 'I normally get through here...'. In spite of this, he turned out to be an intelligent dog and a great listener. Like I said, I put a Lab in my books just so as to remember him.

Lilac Mills, author of Love in the City by the Sea

Name: Millie

Breed: Westie

Fun Fact: Millie was a scruffy Westie. Even when she was clipped and bathed, she still looked messy and slightly grubby. We had her from eight weeks old, and although she was supposed to be our daughter's dog, she decided that she wanted to be mine, and used to follow me everywhere, including sitting outside the loo to wait for me – quite disconcerting.

As with the dog in Sunshine at Cherry Tree Farm, Millie adored carrots. Whenever she heard me slicing veg, she'd sit at my feet, nudging me with her nose, until I gave her a slice. Unfortunately, she didn't understand that I might be cutting up a swede or an onion, and even when I gave her a piece of the not-carrot to sniff, she used to stare at me accusingly as if I was holding out on her.

She died a couple of years ago at the age of fourteen. I miss her every day, but sometimes I  swear I can feel a cold nose nudging my ankle whenever I start cutting up carrots.

Jody Sabral, author of I Never Lie

Name: BD (short for Bob Dylan)

Age: Three and a half years old

Breed: Tabby

Fun Fact: He was a rescue cat. I met him in Kent and he now resides with me in East Sussex. He loves to sit on my lap, especially when I'm just about to start writing. He's an affectionist and will basically take love from where ever he can get it so he's very loving with strangers. 

He was originally called Dillon, I changed it to Dylan, he then became Dylan Thomas, but I decided it was better to have a Nobel-winning rockstar in my house over an alcoholic poet so he became Bob Dylan, and that became BD which is what he answers to these days. 

Jo Platt, author of Reading Upside Down, It Was You, You Are Loved and Finding Felix

Name: Barry

Age: Nine years old

Fun Fact: Barry is an intriguingly mixed breed. The black and white short hair, which covers the front half of his body, extends only to his midriff,  at which point it is replaced by a longer brownish coat which cascades in straggling waves over his hind legs and bottom. The latter occasionally makes hygiene somewhat of a challenge for Barry, giving him a rather unique odour, as well as appearance. However, despite his whiffiness, he never fails to win over visitors by staring engagingly at them with his right eye, while checking out the rest of the room with his left.

When he's not asleep – or staring at stuff with his right eye – Barry busies himself with hobbies which include: eating, scaring easily, extreme neediness and chasing absolutely nothing. But most importantly, he enjoys assisting me in my writing, often editing my work by walking, or rolling across, whichever keyboard I happen to be using at the time. 

Kitty Wilson, author of The Cornish Village School - Breaking the Rules

Name: Tatters Muddy Padfoot, my family call me Tatters and I am a gentleman thief

Age: Ten years old

Breed: Lurcher

Fun Fact: Tatters was born in the kitchen at Kitty's grandmother's house on her sixty-first birthday so no one ever forgets the date. 

Story: My mother insists I am a lurcher, but my sister calls me an imp. I have battled with identity issues and believed I was a pre-teenage girl for many years; struggling to understand why I was not allowed on rope swings or bicycles with my sister. These days I'm not that fussed. I enjoy long walks on the beach, running in crazy circles in the sea and stealing toys and treats from other dog's gardens.