I Never Lie Book Launch

Something strange was going on in London Fields on Wednesday, 27th June. A team of forensics were scouring the scene behind police tape whilst glamourous onlookers observed from a safe distance. Was it the scene of a horrendous murder watched by well-dressed voyeurs? No! It was the book launch for hit psychological thriller I Never Lie by Jody Sabral.

I Never Lie launch party

Held in London Fields, recreating the crime scene from the opening chapters of the novel, the launch was well attended by Jody’s friends, colleagues, family and, of course, the excited Canelo team.

It was a beautifully sunny day and everybody had great fun discussing Jody’s first book with Canelo and the high excitement of what is to come in the future.


In I Never Lie, Alex South is a high-functioning alcoholic who is teetering on the brink of oblivion. Her career as a television journalist is hanging by a thread since a drunken on-air rant.

When a series of murders occur within a couple of miles of her East London home she is given another chance to prove her skill and report the unfolding events. She thinks she can control the drinking, but soon she finds gaping holes in her memory and wakes to find she’s done things she can’t recall.

Jody Sabral

As the story she’s covering starts to creep into her own life, is Alex a danger only to herself – or to others?

Reviewers are calling I Never Lie the next ‘ Girl on the Train, but better’. It is currently 99p on all retailers worldwide, for a limited time only.

I Never Lie Launch Party 3

Jody’s next thrilling book will be coming out in January 2019 - We can’t help wondering what escapades the next launch will bring!

You can follow the author, Jody Sabral, on Twitter and Instagram and even get in touch with Alex South - the protagonist of I Never Lie - on Twitter at @INeverLie2018 for exclusive content relating to the book and all the latest news.

I Never Lie by Jody Sabral is available on Amazon, Kobo, Google and iBooks now.