Canelo Digital Publishing

A new kind of publishing

Welcome to Canelo. 

Canelo is an ebook and paperback publisher, founded in 2015, and now one of the fastest-growing publishing companies in Europe. 

We are proud to combine fiction works from internationally bestselling authors, out of print works brought to life for contemporary audiences, and new and emerging writers, with particular strengths in escapist and fast-paced reads.

Most recently we were thrilled to launch a new crime fiction imprint, Canelo Crime, details of which can be found on its new website, or on twitter.

Our Offer

Canelo has a unique way of working with authors. All our writers receive:

  • A 50% royalty rate, increasing to 60%
  • The highest editorial input and quality
  • The very best cover design
  • Industry-leading in-house digital production
  • Sales and key accounting with the major retailers

We love to hear from both authors and agents, so have a look at our submissions guidelines and please be in touch!