A portrait of Eric Idle

Eric Idle

Eric Idle is a comedian, actor, author, singer, playwright, and songwriter. Co-creator of Monty Python on TV, stage and films, including The Holy Grail, which latter he adapted for the stage as Spamalot. Creator of The Rutles, he starred as Ko-Ko in the English National Opera version of The Mikado, has appeared in The Pirates of Penzance and wrote and performed the comic oratorio Not The Messiah, He’s a Very Naughty Boy. His musical play What About Dick? co-stars Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, Billy Connolly and Tracey Ullman. Eric has written two novels, Hello Sailor and The Road to Mars, and appeared in several movies, including Nuns On the Run, Shrek The Third, and The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen. Last year he wrote and directed the final Monty Python reunion show One Down Five To Go at London’s O2.

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