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A Bridge in Time

Change is coming, but are the people of Camptounfoot ready for it?

For generations, the oldest village in Scotland has remained little changed but now it is 1853 and the railway is coming to Camptounfoot.

Shy and beautiful Emma Jane Wylie is determined to fight for the realisation of her father’s dream – the construction of the railway bridge that will carry the new track southwards. Her father’s demise puts Emma in charge. But during the two years of its construction, the project is beset by drama and tragedy: cholera rages, the men down tools, murder and conspiracy are in the air – and then a landslide threatens to destroy all their endeavours.

Inspired by her father’s vision, and with a strength of mind and resolve at odds with her Victorian upbringing, Emma Jane takes on the world – and is determined to win.

The first book in the A Bridge In Time series, this dramatic and riveting saga of survival is perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs and Tessa Barclay.

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