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A Fall from Grace

Cast out by her family, she must find a new path…

Madeleine Wyndham returns home from her Swiss finishing school to a whirlwind of social engagements and parties and to Hamilton Bramwell, the wealthy young man her parents are determined she will marry. But Madeleine’s eye is caught by a young milkman, Freddy and she dreams of running away with him. However, when she finds herself pregnant, Freddy refuses to marry her and Madeleine is forced to leave by her family.

Madeleine arrives in London, friendless and homeless until a chance meeting offers her hope for the future. Madeleine is faced with a tough decision to make, one which will change her life forever.

An engrossing saga set in London during World War One, perfect for fans of Maggie Hope and Rosie Goodwin.

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