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A Killer Came Knocking

Jack's wife is murdered. He has the chance to see justice done. But at what cost?

Jack found the love of his life when he met Kate. But their happiness was shattered when she opened the door to a cold-blooded killer. He will never forget the face of the man who stole his future.

The only person who loved Kate as much is Emily, her twin. So when Jack tells her that he’s found the man who murdered her sister she doesn’t hesitate to help him exact revenge.

As the plans for vengeance lead to unforeseen danger, Emily has to trust Jack more than she has ever trusted anyone. Can you always believe what you see?

An absolutely nerve-shredding suspense thriller, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter, B.A. Paris and Linwood Barclay.

Praise for A Killer Came Knocking

”An exciting and interesting read. Well written and clear and compelling.” Reader Review

“This book had so many twists in it, it was amazing. What a rollercoaster of emotions!” Reader Review

“Wow this book kept me reading from the beginning to the end, like a wild roller coaster ride. So many twists and turns. This was an absolute page turner. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a fast paced psychological thriller.” Reader Review

“A great book full of suspense and thrill.” Reader Review

"“Excellent book with a clear cut depiction of characters. The storyline is fluid and constant, and my concentration never waived. Highly recommended." Reader Review

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