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Acid Casuals

Sex, drugs, and disco: just a day in the life of Manchester’s deadliest hitwoman

Estela has come to Manchester on a business trip. But not just any old business trip: she’s here to kill her ex-boss, the notorious gangster John Burgess.

When Estela’s previous life as Paul Sorel comes to light, however, things start to get sticky. Plunged into a world of dodgy bouncers, bent coppers, weird DJs and Moss Side gangsters, Estela must use every skill at her disposal to get out of Manchester alive…

Brimming with amphetamine energy and razor-sharp prose, this psychedelic romp through the gritty heart of 90s Manchester has earned a cult reputation as a modern crime classic

‘A classic crime thriller, re-routed to the gang-blighted nightclub-driven environs of post-acid house Manchester’ Select
‘The best debut crime novel of the year… blackly comic and highly inventive’ Daily Telegraph
‘British noir for the Pulp Fiction generation’ Observer

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