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Biggles on the Hunt

Biggles is on the trail of a gang of master forgers…

When forged stamps and banknotes – of such high quality that even the Bank of England struggles to tell genuine from fake – start appearing in circulation in Britain and across Europe, the government charges Scotland Yard with identifying their source, and fast.

Former Air Commodore Raymond suspects the gang behind the forging may be using aircraft to transport their counterfeit commodities, and brings Biggles & Co. in to investigate. Suspicion quickly falls on Stellar Skyways Incorporated airline. The company only offers a few luxury flights and tours, centring around a place called Kudinga in central Africa; by rights, it should have long since gone to the wall…

Sensing something afoot, Biggles orders his team to split up and investigate. But will what they discover be worth the cost…?

Another thrilling airborne adventure for Biggles, perfect for fans of Derek Robinson.

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ISBN: 9781800329386

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