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Biggles, Secret Agent

Biggles turns spy in his most dangerous adventure yet!

Professor Max Beklinder, a British explosives expert, has reportedly been killed in a car crash in his native Lucrania, now under the control of an increasingly bellicose Germany.

But when a British agent reports Beklinder has since been seen alive with the Chief of the Secret Police, the authorities need to confirm for certain whether he is alive or dead. He had been working on a powerful new weapon for Britain that cannot fall into enemy hands.

When several intelligence agents fail to report back, Britain calls on Biggles, who immediately agrees to parachute into Lucrania with Ginger. Together they must find Beklinder, dead or alive, and make it back to Blighty. Little do they know that their old nemesis, Erich von Stalhein, is in play…

Biggles lands with a bang in this pre-WW2 adventure, perfect for fans of Derek Robinson and Max Hennessy.

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