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Biggles Sees It Through

Biggles has a cold war.

November 1939. The Winter War between the Finns and the Soviets has begun, and Finland has called for international support. Biggles, Algy and Ginger have volunteered to help, and fly reconnaissance missions over the country on the lookout for Soviet troops and aircraft.

Quite by chance on one such flight, Biggles spots a lone figure at death’s door in the snow, and lands to investigate. The man is Petolski, a Polish scientist. His plane crashed on the Finland–Russia border while he was trying to escape Occupied Poland with seven years’ worth of experimental aircraft research. Rather than let it fall into enemy hands, he has hidden it somewhere near the downed plane.

The research cannot fall into enemy hands, and Biggles is ordered to retrieve it at all costs. But the Russians have found out about the research as well, and a party led by Biggles’ nemesis, Erich von Stalhein, is already looking for it. The race is on!

Strap in for a classic Biggles cat-and-mouse chase in the ice and snow of Finland. Perfect for fans of Derek Robinson and Max Hennessy.

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