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A new Cold War is on the horizon, one with even greater consequences...

The US aircraft carrier patrolling the Western Pacific Ocean is severely damaged by a surprise salvo of cruise missiles. While the Russian government claims it was an accident during a training exercise, it was instead a calculated provocation.

With the US Pacific fleet already severely under strength, the Russian president decides that the US response is a clear indication of their weakness, militarily and politically, and initiates a bold plan.

In one sharp strike, the Russian army moves to reoccupy a large number of the industrialised areas of the former USSR while blockading the vital sea passages through which the world's oil and natural gas transit.

To make matters worse, Russia's Special Forces have wired every major oil and natural gas pipeline with explosives. If the US makes one move to thwart Russia, they'll destroy them all. Torn between the unthinkable and the impossible, the only possible move is to launch an attack on all fronts.

An absolutely exceptional military action thriller, for fans of Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz and Clive Cussler.

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ISBN: 9781800320703

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