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Blood Sport

Dick Francis, the bestselling master of mystery and suspense, takes you into the thrilling world of horse racing.

With only his tormented past for company, Gene Hawkins is restlessly facing three lonely weeks of vacation. So when his boss asks for his help to help millionaire Dave Teller locate a missing priceless breeding stallion he accepts, against his better judgement.

But he gets more action than he bargains for when he draws the attention of his boss’s daughter, advances from Teller’s socialite wife and the deadly attention of the horse thieves who would be more than happy to put Hawkins out to pasture, permanently...

Praise for Dick Francis

‘Dick Francis is a wonder’ Cleveland Plain Dealer

‘Few things are more convincing than Dick Francis at a full gallop’ Chicago Tribune

‘Francis captures our attention and holds us spellbound… all the breathless pace we have come to expect of this superb writer.’ NYT Book Review

‘Few match Francis for dangerous flights of fancy and pure inventive menace’ Boston Herald

‘[The] master of crime fiction and equine thrills’ Newsday

‘Each Francis novel seems to be his best.’ Sunday Oklahoman

‘Few writers have maintained such a high standard of excellence for as long as Dick Francis’ San Diego Union-Tribune

‘[Francis] has the uncanny ability to turn out simply plotted yet charmingly addictive mysteries’ Wall Street Journal

‘Francis is a genius’ Los Angeles Times

‘For more than thirty years, Dick Francis has been mystery’s Gibraltar, a sturdy rock in stormy straits. Nobody executes the whodunit formula better’ Chicago Sun-Times

‘A rare and magical talent… who never writes the same story twice’ San Diego Union-Tribune

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