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A train ride into the Alaskan wilderness turns into a harrowing fight for survival for Deputy US Marshal Arliss Cutter.

In Washington, DC, Supreme Court Justice Charlotte Morehouse prepares for a trip to Alaska with her daughter, unaware that a killer is waiting to take his revenge... by livestreaming Charlotte's death to the world.

Arliss Cutter and Lola Teariki are assigned as their security detail. It’s a simple, routine task. Until the family decide to explore the Alaskan wilderness on the famous Glacier Discovery train.

When terrorists seize control of the engine, Cutter manages to escape with Justice Morehouse by jumping off the moving train, and into the unforgiving wastes.

With no supplies and no connection to the outside world, Cutter and the judge must cross a treacherous terrain to stay alive. Two of the terrorists are close behind. The others are on the train with the judge’s daughter, and they plan to execute her on camera...

An unputdownable thriller set in one of the world's most unforgiving climates, perfect for fans of Adam Hamdy, Mark Greaney and Lee Child.

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