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Death on the Rhine

An assassination threat risks plunging Europe into a second world war. Only Common Smith can avert calamity

Germany, 1923. The beaten Fatherland is in turmoil, inflation is raging and millions are unemployed. Adolf Hitler is raising a right-wing traditionalist Germany to march on Berlin and Von Horn, the perverted head of the secret German Intelligence Unit, plans to murder the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army of the Rhine.

"C", head of MI6, orders Common Smith VC to sail secretly for the army HQ at Cologne and prevent the assassination. If he fails, "C" warns him, then the whole of Germany will be reunited under a fanatic, who will lead them into another terrible war against Western Europe...

The third Common Smith adventure, from one of the most prolific war fiction writers of the twentieth century. Perfect for fans of David Beaty and Alexander Fullerton.

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