Cover of Harkaway's Sixth Column

Harkaway's Sixth Column

One brave task force will take on an army.

It is the summer of 1940 – and Italian forces have entered British Somaliland. While this invasion is in progress, a small party of British soldiers is on its way to destroy a supply dump in the desert hills.

Strafed by Italian planes, the young lieutenant in command is killed – leaving behind four non-commissioned soldiers and the civilian driver. Cut off behind enemy lines – their radio dead, their chances of escape few – they decide to utilise the arms dump and fight a daring rearguard.

Led by the mysterious Corporal Harkaway, and aided by local warring tribes, they create an extraordinary fighting unit whose skill and ferocity will play havoc with the enemy.

An extraordinary tale of WWII, of a rogue unit versus seemingly insurmountable odds, ideal for fans of Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins and David Black.

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ISBN: 9781800320857

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