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He dared defy the might of Rome…the epic prequel to Hound

Rome, AD 34. While the Emperor Tiberius indulges himself in Capri, his cruel regent Sejanus rules in his place. It is a time of tyranny and terror.

Serpicus, a beast-hunter for Rome’s voracious Games, longs for a quiet life. But Sejanus’ uncle has made him an offer he cannot refuse, ordering him to travel to Germania, a region racked by tribal insurrection, there to take possession of a rare, dangerous beast.

To his companions, the mission is suicide. To make matters worse, there is a traitor in his hunting party. And when he reaches Germania, he will find something that turns his world upside down…

Ringing with the cacophony of battle, of steel against steel and the cries of men, this enthralling adventure is perfect for fans of Robert Low, Robert Fabbri and Ben Kane.

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ISBN: 9781800321151

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