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Lords of Battle


The war to decide the destiny of a continent.

The spark was struck in the sacred grove of an unremarkable clan in Gaul. The struggle that followed lasted for centuries, and shapes us still.

390s BC. Led by Brennus, a warlord without a past, the Senone tribe undertake a remarkable trek. 80,000 strong, they brave primeval forest, shadowy assassins and Alpine peaks to settle the rich lands of Italia.

On the island of Albion, a young druid is driven by terrifying dreams to undertake a quest of her own.

A Roman general witnesses the Gauls crush an Etruscan army using a deadly combination of guile and ferocity. Can he awaken the Senate from its torpor and save the city from catastrophe?

In an epic tale of friendship, heroism and betrayal, war sweeps the ancient world as two civilisations vie for ascendancy. Perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden and Ben Kane.

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