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Luck of the Draw

A fake engagement to the man sworn to despise her. What could go wrong?

Sure, winning the lottery allows Zoe Ferris to quit her job as a cutthroat corporate attorney, but no amount of cash will clear her conscience about the way her firm treated the O’Leary family in a wrongful death case. So she sets out to make things right, only to find gruff, grieving Aiden O’Leary doesn’t want her apology. He does, however, want something else from her.

Aiden needs a bride if he hopes to be the winning bid on the campground he wants to purchase as part of his beloved brother’s legacy. Skilled in the art of deception, the cool beauty certainly fits the bill.

Only Aiden didn’t expect all the humor and heart Zoe brings to their partnership – or the desire that runs deep between them. Now he’s struggling with his own dark truth – that he’s falling for the very woman he vowed never to forgive.

Emotional, uplifting and fun, this is a gorgeous romance for fans of Sally Thorne and Zara Stoneley.

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