Cover of Medieval – Blood of the Cross

Medieval – Blood of the Cross

1270 AD. The Holy Land is in turmoil.

As the Crusader knights desperately await the arrival of Edward Longshanks and his relieving army, Sultan Baibaars targets his Mamluk hordes against their greatest stronghold in Syria, the Krak des Chevaliers.

A thousand miles away in Wales, fourteen-year-old Garyn learns a disturbing secret. It will drive him on a crusade of his own: a quest to avenge his family, save his brother and in the process recover the holiest relic in the history of Christendom.

As the Crusades ignite around him, Garyn learns this is a time of brutality and chivalry; of strong men with stronger hearts, an era with no place for the weak.

A searing and unforgettable novel of medieval warfare, Medieval – Blood of the Sword is perfect for fans of Christian Cameron and David Gilman.

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