Cover of Medieval II – In Shadows of Kings

Medieval II – In Shadows of Kings

1274 AD. War is brewing between Wales and England.

Henry III is dead. His son, Edward Longshanks, is on his way back from the Crusades to claim the crown and impose his iron will on a weakened country.

In South Wales, two young brothers, Garyn and Geraint, attempt to rebuild their lives after a terrifying ordeal in Acre. Desperate to heal old wounds and provide for their futures, the appearance of an old enemy tears them apart once more and forces them onto different paths.

The nobles of North Wales, nervous and frustrated at the inaction of their leader, make a daring pact to replace him with a figurehead to unite the warring factions against the English prince.

The compelling second novel in the Medieval Sagas, perfect for fans of Christian Cameron, David Gilman and Ben Kane.

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