Cover of Murder in an Irish Bookshop

Murder in an Irish Bookshop

The opening of a new bookstore becomes the closing chapter in an author’s life...

Kilbane’s new bookshop is hosting an event featuring up-and-coming Irish writers who will be taking up residency in the town for a month. Among them is indie author Deirdre Walsh, who has been causing a heated debate among the writers. She seems to have a particular distaste for the novels of Nessa Lamb.

Then Deirdre’s body is found the next day in the back of the store - with pages torn from Nessa’s books stuffed in her mouth. Now, Siobhán must uncover which of Kilbane’s literary guests took Deirdre’s criticisms so personally, they’d engage in foul play....

A charming cosy mystery, perfect for fans of Margaret Mayhew and Betty Rowlands.

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