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None can escape the judgement of Nemesis.

390BC. A winter has passed since the Gauls crossed the mountains to crush an Etruscan army outside Clusium.

Now, determined to avenge a death by the hand of a Roman observer, Brennus plans a terrible revenge.

Confident in the might of their arms, the Romans march to drive away the threat. But the battle goes horribly wrong. Overwhelmed by the ferocious brutality of the Senone warriors, the citizen army is routed.

Defenceless, Rome faces the judgement of the goddess Nemesis, and as the mournful howl of barbarian war horns draw closer, the druid Catumanda begins to understand the odyssey may cost her life…

The epic tale of the first sack of Rome reaches its climactic conclusion. A thrilling tale perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow and S.J.A. Turney.

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