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Passage to Petrograd

Common Smith's most dangerous mission yet...

Russia, 1924. Lenin, Communist Dictator of Russia, is dying. In the wings, his chief aides are jostling for power, and in the provinces revolution is brewing once more. Soviet Russia is on the brink of explosion...

Caught up in the turmoil is Serge, the illegitimate teenage son of Tsar Nicholas II, who was executed by the Communists in 1918. Determined to save this member of his extended family, King George V of Britain orders his rescue.

"C", the elusive head of the British Secret Service, can think of only one man for the task: Common Smith VC and the crew of Swordfish.Their orders, to smuggle Serge out of Petrograd and return to Britain.

But Serge hasn't only attracted the attention of the British. The only surviving descendent of Nicholas II, he could be a rallying point for Russians who want to reinstate the Tsar. And there are forces who will stop at nothing to ensure that doesn't happen...

A high-stakes, tension-filled adventure perfect for fans of Alex Gerlis and Max Hennessy.

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