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Picture of Defeat

He must save the past, for the peoples’ future...

It is 1943, and Naples has been looted by the Allies and Axis powers alike, its priceless art treasures coveted by some of the most corrupt criminal minds in Europe.

The country swarmed with bands of partisans, who included communists, genuine patriots, escaped POWs and ex-soldiers of the Italian army. Alongside them, but operating solely for gain, were gangs of bandits.

Sergeant Tom Pugh was in Field Security, because he had spent three years in Italy before the war. He was now entrusted with a delicate and difficult task – to save the paintings of Italian master, Detto Banti. Not quite what Pugh thought the war was about – but dangerous enough for anyone…

An authentic and gripping WWII espionage thriller, perfect for fans of Alistair MacLean, Jack Higgins and John le Carré.

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