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Podcast Master

Senior multimedia producer at the Guardian, Ben Green, tells you everything you need to know about podcasting.

Ben Green has been podcasting for over a decade. He has been responsible for several top podcasts, including Football Weekly, the UK's number one sports podcast, and the Guardian Guide to Running podcast.

In Podcast Master, he provides a one-stop insider’s guide to everything you need to know about hosting, editing and producing online shows. It is packed with recommendations to help you get the right software and gear, advice on sponsorship and advertising, and tips on everything from platform selection to promotional artwork design.

Green’s enthusiasm for the medium’s breadth and depth is infectious. With wit and verve, he takes us through the history of podcasting, shares his recommendations for the podcasts you should be listening to, and reveals proven techniques for reaching and building your audience.

Whether you're broadcasting from your bedroom, or are a brand looking to enhance your profile, this authoritative, easy to follow and cutting-edge guide will give you the tools to start a podcast from scratch – or maximise your current one.

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