Cover of Roman – The Fall of Britannia

Roman – The Fall of Britannia

It is too late for peace. Prepare for war.

Britannia, 43 AD. The last unconquered stronghold of the Celts. A dangerous place of men without fear, soon to face the might of an invading Roman army.

Two young friends from drastically different backgrounds, Prydain and Cassus, are posted to a training cohort under the sadistic tutorage of a battle scarred veteran, Remus. The training is brutal but eventually the trainees set sail for their first campaign… the invasion of Britannia.

The Romans find themselves in strange and unfriendly environment and, as they close in on their quarry, a long held secret will be revealed, culminating in a savage and astonishing climax that affects the very future of Britannia.

The brutal, blood-soaked first instalment in a thrilling Roman historical series, perfect for fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.

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